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  • Jen: I mean, I don't expect to be put on a pedal stool, but please, show a little respect.
  • Roy: I'm sorry....you don't expect to be put on a what?
  • Jen: On a "pedal stool."
  • Roy: A "pedal stool"?.....What's a "pedal stool"?
  • Jen: Oh, you know, you put women on it when you admire them. You know, the phrase.
  • Roy: Oh yeah, the famous phrase: "to be put on a pedal stool." PEDESTAL!
  • Jen: What?
  • Roy: "Pedestal" is the word. What's a "pedal stool"?? Did you really think there was such a thing as a "pedal stool"?
  • Jen: Shut up. Everybody has blind spots.
  •  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  •  ~ ~ ~
  •  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • Jen: What did you say?
  • Roy: What?
  • Jen: What did you say the case was? May I have it read back please?
  • Stenographer: "I believe this entire case to be a bit of a damp squid."
  • Jen: "A damp squid"? What does that mean?
  • Roy: Oh, Jen, it's um, it's an expression. It means that I believe that everything that's been said in this case, everyone already knew.
  • Jen: Yes, but did you say "damp squid"?
  • Roy: That's right.
  • Jen: Did you not mean "damp squib"?
  • Roy: No, it's "squid." What's a "squib"?
  • Jen: It's not "squid." Squids are already damp.
  • Roy: Hence the phrase.
  • Jen: Your honour, please....
  • Judge: It is "squib," I must say, I find it extraordinary that you, a man in your early 30s, could have reached this point in your life without knowing that it is "squib."
  • Roy: I think it's "squid."
  • Jen: I have no further questions.
  • Roy: No, no, no! Wait, wait, wait!
  • Jen: That will be all.
  • Roy: Everyone has a blind spot!
  • Jen: I said that will be all!

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